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The Quarterly Conversation|Issue 12|Summer 2008

Junio 4, 2008
Por Mauricio Salvador

Acaba de salir el número 12 de la revista de literatura The Quarterly Conversation, dirigida por Scott Esposito, quien recientemente contribuyó con un ensayo sobre Roberto Bolaño para el número 20 de HermanoCerdo. El contenido, en serio lo digo, no podría ser mejor, una curiosa y sabia mezcla de temas y aproximaciones que van del ensayo de Marcelo Ballvé sobre Macedonio Fernández y Borges hasta un ensayo sobre Simone de Beauvoir. Si hay una revista electrónica de la que vale la pena estar al tanto, yo diría que es TCQ. Aquí copio el índice de este número:

The Man Who Invented Borges

Essay by
Marcelo Ballvé

All writers are influenced by someone, but Borges is often seen as wholly self-made. Marcelo Ballvé investigates an overlooked influence who himself is worth reading. [more]

Becoming Simone de Beauvoir

Essay by
Lauren Elkin

The second volume of Simone de Beauvoir’s journals has just been published in France. Lauren Elkin explains what they show about the 20th-century’s most famous feminist before she met Sarte and as she was developing her ideas on love and gender. [more]

Anne Waldman, Anselm Hollo, and the Authentic Avant-Garde

Essay by
Ravi Shankar

Wondering what comes after postmodern writing? Ravi Shankar has found it in a couple of revolutionary poets. [more]

The Book Art of Robert The, Cara Barer, and Jacqueline Rush Lee

Essay by
Elizabeth Wadell

Elizabeth Wadell talks to three artists about how they make art from objects already overloaded with significance, objects that can be extremely difficult to bake, cut, and paste. [more]

Why I Joined the POD People

Essay by
Richard Grayson

Print-on-demand publishing may not be right for all authors, but it is for Richard Grayson. He explains why he stopped publishing his work the usual way and just started doing it himself. [more]

Living Beyond the End

Essay by
Matthew Cheney

Matthew Cheney finds in Paolo Bacigalupi’s ecology-based, apocalyptic science fiction some of the best sci-fi stories of the last decade. [more]

Disassembling Donald Barthelme

Essay by
Dan Green

Donald Barthelme’s short stories are currently available to readers in three large volumes. Dan Green argues we could read Barthelme better if they were still available as they were originally published. [more]


The Christophe Claro Interview We speak to the man who brought Pynchon, Vollmann, Gaddis, and Gass into French


Girl Factory by Jim Krusoe
review by Robert Silva

Human Smoke
by Nicholson Baker

review by Barrett Hathcock

Nazi Literature in the Americas
by Roberto Bolaño

review by Nigel Beale

Mortarville by Grant Bailie
review by Sacha Arnold

Armageddon in Retrospect
by Kurt Vonnegut

review by Levi Asher

Kissed By by Alexandra Chasin
review by Ryan Call

Knowledge of Hell by Antonio Lobo Antunes
review by John Issac Lingan

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